Moms Working From Home

A way from moms to stay at home with their children and still earn a living.

Today too many children are raised by someone outside of the home. Due to the economy today most families need two incomes in order to survive.

I am here to help moms stay home and raise their children while still earning enough money to live comfortably!

I am a strong believer in stay at home moms and my mission is to make sure this generation of children are raised by their mothers or fathers and not a nanny, baby sitter, daycare or dayhome.

I myself am the mother of three amazing boys, ages 6,5 and 2. I am home everyday. I am the one who sees them off to school and welcomes them home. I am the one to wake them up in the morning and tuck them into bed at night. And I do this all while bringing in my own income.
I understand needing to advertise... I do it too!

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