Likes/Votes Exchange for all - 100% Trusted and Honest

Here are some rules that you must follow:-
These rules are made to make this group better.
1) Vote/Like back - If someone has voted or liked your content then you have to vote/like back.
2)No dislike/ No cancellation of vote- If you have voted/liked someone's content then please do not dislike or do not cancel your vote in future.
3)No abussive language- Please maintain peace in group. Do not you any abusive or harsh language with others.
4)Do NOT spam: Spam means to post meaningless comments/posts with no general purpose, often off topic.As an example: I like cheese, The sky is blue, I got a girlfriend today!
5)Sellers and advertisers need to take special permission to continue selling/advertising. Contact Admin ( for more details.
6)Wait for others- If you have voted/liked for someone and he/she in not voting/liking back then pease give them some time to vote/like back. (sometime people are not able to vote/like back because they are offline or online from mobile)
7)Spammy or phising links not allowed- Posting any spammy link or phising link is not allowed in this group. POSTING PHISING LINK IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED
8) Complain- If you have complain against any member of this group for any reason then you can contact me here

Rules for people who pin the post :-
1) You must return all the votes and likes.
2) In case of emergency we can shift your post on another date.
3) You can give maximum 2 links for pinned post. If more links then cost will be more.
4) Your vote/like request should be short and precised.
5) If we get many complain against you that you are not returning votes/likes then we have full right to unpin your post without refunding your money.

Failing to obey above rules will result in ban.
Thanks for reading
ADMIN (Asli Nayak)