Worldmark by Wyndham Credits - Buy, Sell, Rent

WM Owners: Just request to join! :)
Group Guidelines:
*Worldmark owners: post the details of credits you want to buy, sell, or rent.
1. Communicate with posters, via private message.
2. When your credits are no longer available: Edit your original post to read, "SOLD" or something that indicates your credit offer/request is no longer active.
3. Let people know specific credit values, housekeeping token availability, any limitations, dates, price or range, and how best to contact you.
4. Be truthful and fair.
5. Respond promptly to inquiries about your credits.
6. Use your own judgement and do your own due diligence when doing business with others.
7. No guarantees: This site, me, Facebook, or anyone else you know or don't know, do not guarantee anything about anything posted here. If everyone is cool, this will be good. If you lie, cheat, or steal, you're lame so stay out of this group.

At this time, all group posts must be approved by an Admin. Please be patient as each post will be reviewed, this will prevent spam posts. You should expect a valid post to be approved within 24 hours, but I'll try to approve it within a few hours.

Worldmark The Club (aka: Worldmark by Wyndham), Owners Group