Facebook Swap Meet

Got something to sell? Looking to buy something? Want to trade an item for something else? If so, this is the group for you!

More people means you buy, sell, or trade faster. Therefore, posts are subject to deletion if you do not invite at least 5 friends within an hour of posting.

Please do not re-post the same ad. When you have sold an item, please comment "SOLD" on your post.

Consider creating a picture album if you have more than 3 pictures to upload. This will prevent the group feed from becoming flooded. Failure to create a picture album of numerous pictures may subject some posts to rejection by group administrators.

Members seeking to sell are encouraged to add as many friends as possible; a habit of trying to sell items yet not adding friends is frowned upon by group administrators, and may subject you to a permanent ban.

Under no circumstances will posts be approved for the sale or trade of illicit drugs.

As always exercise caution when meeting someone from this group to buy an item. Arrange to meet in a well-lit and public area, during the day. Neither "Buy Sell Trade" the group, its members, and administrators assume nor hold any liability for any crime committed after responding to a post on this group.

Oh yeah, if you spot spammers let us know so that we can ban them forever!

Happy buying, selling and trading! :-)