World Of Tanks International

This group is to share ideas, print's, battles, and discuss facts about World Of Tanks

●1º-English only (note that you can speak your language only if you translate it! example:
Eu gosto de world of tanks (portuguese)
Transalation: I love world of tanks)

●2º-No extreme naming and Shaming

●3º-No Spam and none-WoT related stuff

●4º-Clans can recruit, only if there is a person
asking for clan
●5º-No scamming

●6º-No posting of mods that are considerd

●7º-Don't sell account's

●8º-Every photo you post here, can be "shared" and used by other's, use your credit's in the photos

●9º-If you block any Administrator of this group, you will get banned...
Note that, if you block us, we can still see your activity on the group!.

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