Westchester/Putnam BUY & SELL

Westchester/Putnam BUY & SELL is a local member only group in which members can post items up for sale, buy items for sale and search for items to purchase.

This group was created and is moderated by myself, a Westchester resident who owned a business in Putnam County- so both counties are near and dear. I love a sale/bargain from both perspectives! I am a shopper and an entrepreneur.

I hope that this site provides you with a safe environment in which we as neighbors can feel better about who we are purchasing from and where our once beloved items are going to.

I use a linked platform called CLAMOUR to facilitate each post. Using the "Pinned Post/Clamour" (at the top of every News Feed) when submitting an item for sale helps to catalog the item for better searching criteria by categorizing it. On www.Clamour.net you can then search for your item or others you may be ISO.

It allows us to pay with cash or via credit card (safely and secure).The credit card sale is held in "escrow" until you as the buyer "Approves the Sale". So if you don't like the item upon meeting, there is no exchange of money.

Finally, "Clamour" keeps us local, by only allowing certain demographics to become members. So this is really your neighborhood "cyber" sale!

I am a customer as well as a seller. Enjoy!