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This group is all about WWE N...etwork™® fans , we respect all people's and all country's in our group we hope you will like it!

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☆Strict Rυles★

● NO Nudes!
● NO Spamming!
● NO Insults!
● NO Attacks on Political or Religious Figures!
● NO Advertising!
● NO Insensitive Comments!
●The main language of the group is English!
● Don't share personal photos!
● Don't share anything doesn't talk about wrestling!
● Don't share add me!
● Don't share any pages or groups or any link that does not talk about wrestling!
● No Guess Who/ Who am I Post's
● Do Not Ask For Email Or Passwords
●No profanity
●No homophobic comments
●Absolutely no racial slurs
No ruining posts-- what we mean by that is intentionally taking a post off topic, swearing , insulting the poster etc. Example : someone asks who the greatest diva of all time is and you say Randy Orton. Or if someone has a list of what they think is best of all time and ask you to choose and you add people that aren't on the list , say none , or yell at them for their opinion. Please respect all posts. We WILL ban you for ruining posts.
●If anyone continues to abuse these rules, they will be banned permanently without any warning!