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Isn't it Big one? tongue emoticon
Now here are some important Rules To Stay In This Group smile emoticon

▬►1. Posting Own Pics & Contact Numbers Is Strictly Prohibited...
(Why would you do that...?? This is neither a Dating Group nor Modeling)
▬►2. Promotion Of Groups And Pages Is Not Allowed... If You Want To
Advertise Something You May Do That Without Posting Link Of Any
Group/Page strictly Banned...
(We don't want Beggars in this Group who Beg for Likes )
▬►3. Posting And Commenting "Add me/Follow me" is strictly not
(If you are worth it... People will Add/Follow you )
▬►4. If You Send A Private Message Or A Friend Request To Any Member And
He/She Complains... You Will Be Kicked At Once...
(Why would you send PM to Strangers when you may have a chat here...??
Height of Tharakpan )
▬►5. If You Ask Any Member for friendship And He/She Denies Don't Ask
Him/Her Again... If I Find Anyone Being Cheap... He/She will be
(I can't see anyone's Humiliation )
▬►6. If You Don't wanna Talk To Any Member... Tell Him Politely... If
He/She Doesn't Stop Talking To You... Just Tag Me There Instead Of
(I don't like Cheap People )
▬►7. No Misbehaving Harsh/Abusive Words and No Shortcuts of Abusive Not Allowed...
(If you can't live without abusing then you can't live here )
▬►8. Arguing Continuously And Not Obeying The Admin May Lead You To
Permanent Ban...
(We Work Hard to keep the Group Neat & Clean & We Just expect
Respect in return )
▬►9. Sexual Post Is Not Allowed
▬►10. Personal Chats or Chatting about Political Parties and on Religions
▬►11. Admin don't have right to ban/remove another admin..
( Only owner & co_owner can do this )
▬►12. Blackmailing and fake identity is not allowed.
▬►13. Respect Females don't use obnoxious language.

Thanks for you time... •♥•

Enjoy....!!! •♥•

P.S: Admins Can Do Anything & If You Have A Problem You Are Always
Allowed To Leave The Group....!!! •♥•

and Now a Request For All Members From Admins ... Please Do Tag us on
that post which you think should not be here or just report that post so
it will be easy for us to remove it straight away ! •♥•

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Admin By : Sana Yaqoob