Yachats Buy-Sell-Trade

Close to home for quick buy, sell and trading our quirky good stuff.

Please take a moment to read prior to posting your first time.♥

Short version:

Play Fair, Be respectful & Be Honest. COMMUNICATION IS KEY!
If you're unsure about something PLEASE don't hesitate to ask. ;)

Long Version:
*Please learn how to create, maintain a photo album. If you are unable to please limit postings to a dull roar until those items sell before posting more.
*Bumping/commenting to bring your items back to the top of the page every 4 hours.
*Please make effort to post a photo, describe your item to the best of your ability and what town your item is located.
*Work at home: Must be handmade by you. (Avon, Mary Kay, Scentsy, etc do not count & will be considered spam, please network these items on your personal wall)
*NO weight loss adverts. (if people want to diet they will find it themselves)
*NO Arguing, Foul language, or Negative posts of any kind. Posts will be deleted.
*NO Adult oriented things please as children may be sitting with their parents/grandparents/siblings, etc.
*NO Drug, Alcohol,Tobacco, Ecigs/Vape, related products or paraphernalia.
*NO Animal sales/or studding out. Want to share a Shelter adoption photo A'ok! 501(c)(3) non-profit rescues/shelters always welcome.
*GUN SALES: ALLOWED. Please be aware of Oregon's local/state law prior to selling a firearm.

Also .. please take a moment to read FB's community standards. Always good to know!
Thanks for helping to make this a fantastic group of people! ;)