yõù ãrë my hêãrt ßëát

':' )''''"(';' ) W e l c o m e
/) )\,_,/( (\, F r i e n d
_L L___l_l_ i n t h i s G r o u p
♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Rules of Group
1... This Group for all agers but young
people mostly. Here chat not allowed.
2... Here allowed for masti, fun, enjoy, romance,
love, Shayri, friendship and nice job only.
3... Post here nice and good job daily but in a
time post one or two post only not more.
4.. See other post and make like with give
innocent and fair comments. and don't abuse
here. Don't block to group admin.
5... Don't post here politics, religious post, open
kissing, sexy, porn, bad, dirty pictures and
personal photos.
6... Add your good and innocents friends to
group and invite your friends for support us in
making to this group large.
7... Don't send friend request to unknown
person and don’t force anyone to send friend
request. And don't shouting "Add me Add me" .
8... Don't make advertisement of any group and
page in this group. Don’t share any link here.
9... If u avoid these rules u can miss
membership of this group and you will be
A real relationship has fights, trust, faith,
tears , pains, arguments, patience, secrets,
jealous & love. ♥
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Yahan pr saara maal chorri ka ha.. :p but still
you'll like it because it fulfills your three basic
entertainment, entertainment and entertainment
Group admin team