Yarmouth Events and Promotions

This group is to make people aware of events and promotions happening in Yarmouth and Area. Everybody has had a time when they've said "I didn't know that was happening". We'd like to make that happen less often.
Members are welcome to post details of events as well as any promotions (ie sales, special offers etc) happening in Yarmouth and surrounding area.
Crafts people and artists welcome to post, as well as other businesses. However, this is not a yard sale site so please don't post yard sale items. (However,If you are having a yard sale, you may feel free to advertise that here. :) )
While I do allow home businesses such as Watkins, Gold Canyon etc to advertise on here if the owner is local, I would really rather not start with "home business" ads that don't have a tangible product advertised.
Hope everyone enjoys the group - feel free to invite your friends!
P.S. You may also promote events that may be of interest to Yarmouth residents, it does not have to be inside of the town of Yarmouth.
Photo Policy: Photos may be added to the site IF they address a specific event or promotion. Information about that event or promotion MUST accompany the photo. Examples: If you took a photo of the Living Christmas Tree last year and you want to promote the Living Christmas Tree THIS year, you may upload a photo as long as it is accompanied by the appropriate information. That is to say the time, place and location of the event.
If you have a particular product that you would like to advertise, eg a new dish at a restaurant, this is also permissible, as long as the description of the dish and the location of the restaurant etc is included.
There is a reason for this. Most people do not look past the first page or two of listings. If the first page or two is taken up with photos, people will miss out on the events and promotions that are the very purpose of this page.
I hope that clarifies for everyone. :)