Ye old Teesdale Tales and Pictures

This group is for those who are interested in the History of Teesdale. We will look at old pictures I will share and feel free to share any old pictures of Teesdale you have.
There will be Teesdale Tales , Stories and facts from our Dales long historical past.
We will look at the Teesdale dialect and it"s people . So if you are interested in Teesdales History then this is the group for you
This group is Dedicated to the memories of Alan Wilkinson RIP, Dennis Coggins RIP and Parkin Raine without the effort and dedication to the history and collection of pictures of Teesdale . I would also like to thank Ken fairless of the Teesdale records society and The FitzeHugh libary for there tireless work in recording our Dales history we would not have a group ! Thank you

Important note if anyone feels that a posted image is in contravention of 'taste', 'suitability', 'copyright' or anything else that may come to mind, that they simply contact the group owner....not the original poster of the image....with their reasoning as to why an image should be removed. it will then be removed if reasonable grounds are found -thank you :)

cut off date for pictures is 1995. Nothing after this date please . Thank you


No buying , Selling or advertising of any Kind(you will be removed)

Be respectful of each other respect each others views. You will not always agree leave it at that:). no threats or abuse of others.

No swearing , There are Ladies present and some of us may wish to use this group in there studies. There are also older and younger people using the group . Who may find swearing offensive .

business profiles WILL NOT be excepted NO EXCEPTIONS!!!.(this includes comments on posts they are still advertising )

I reserve the right to remove any post that is in breach of this . Thank you

Complaints are to be made to me not other members of the group.

Feel free to add if you wish .Nothing after 1994 please .We are a historic group friends . please seek permission of the owners of the Pictures, and people who may be in them(if you can)

Most of all enjoy the sight and our members

I reserve the right to remove anyone who may be in breach of any of these rules

I hate to make so many rules but it is necessary for the enjoyment of all -It is also to preserve the integrity of the group as well Thank you and stay safe