Yeovil 'Real' News

This is Yeovil 'Real' News, a group for people to post any news in their area or events happening. Although some discussion is allowed if it goes off topic then it will be moved to the Yeovil Discussion site.

1) Admin need to be able to see all members to enable us to monitor the site, if an admin is blocked for any reason then your membership will be revoked to this group.
2) We will not allow personal attacks and naming of individuals with the exception of court judgments and proven fact.
3) Any question or advice need to be posted on the Discussion site and will be removed without warning
4) We will not allow any sales ads and a majority of business ads unless admin feel they will benefit the group as a whole.
5) We will not tolerate extreme bad language.
6) We have an age limit of 16 although if we feel that a young person is vulnerable membership may be refused.
7) We will not tolerate racism or the targeting of any minority group and comments will be removed.
8) We understand that tensions can run high and arguments will break out but debating and arguing are very different. Please be responsible when commenting.
9) All members are to treat each other with respect and anyone found not to be doing so will be removed, if you have a problem with another member, comments or anything posted, contact an admin who will resolve this to the best of our ability.
10) Admin can not be on 24/7, if we are tagged then we will attend as soon as possible (you can tag by writing the @ symbol and then an admin's name)

Admin are Zoe Rooney