Yes Forres Area

We may have missed the boat - we can still get there by walking. It may take longer - it’s still possible. ••••

This group is for people in Forres and surrounding area to discuss the issues resulting from the 18th September 2014 referendum. ••••

It is our hope that the discussion will keep us all on our toes in terms of staying politically engaged as find ways to create the fairer, greener society while keeping Scottish independence at the top of the UK agenda. We wish to inspire everyone to take the conversation out into their daily lives. ••••

ACTIONS you can take now:
Join a Yes coalition political party and get active:
Become a member of the Forres or Findhorn & Kinloss Community Council.
Start a social enterprise dedicated to creating the fairer, greener society and employ local people. ••••
Gift some of your time to a long serving community group of your choosing.