Yoga trip to Crete

My dear friends,

join us for a yoga trip to Crete!

We are renting a villa for 16 people, will be practicing yoga and meditation as well as renewable energy practicals with a professional teacher.

for further dates contact me

Food - I calculated 15 Euros pp per day (15 x 9) - a good brunch (agrotourism rulez) + cooking teams in the evening ;) This time I want to experiment with cooking vegen, ayurveda, feng shui and things like that.

Accomodation for 8 days and a yoga teacher plus is 45 Euros pp per day.

All in all - 500 Euro for 9 days

Zouridi Villa Park is located close to Rethymnon, exactly between Chania and Heraklion.
See the photos:

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Hugs and kisses