Yoga Business Connection

**Sincere Networking** Thank you for being a part of the YBC group! Yogis Unite here where we Empowering Yoga Entrepreneurs! The intention of this group is to create a community of yoga entrepreneurs that promote and network one another offerings in an organic way. Many of us pay for ads to gain further reach for our pages and posts, but as members of this group, we are here to spread one another's offerings by embracing 'Sincere Networking' - this is a term I created to describe sharing others offerings in a sincere way! We get so much out of life when we give freely, and the same is to be said in business! So please see pinned post for group features like sharing likes for likes to increase social proof & our new **Sincere Networking Giveway** where I feature your offering to our community and to my thriving yoga community connections to give your yoga awesomeness a genuine boost to the people that are in NEED of your teachings!
A little history...I am the Founder of Cardio Yoga Fusion featuring Hiking Yoga and I am a Social Media Marketing Expert. As a Yoga Entrepreneur who was frustrated with the massive financial commitment expected to get by in the yoga business world! I have invested years of research in uncovering Marketing a Yoga Offering with LITTLE TO NO INVESTMENT!
I share:
How to research for the FREE hidden resources available to Yoga Entrepreneurs
How to build and effortlessly integrate your own website and social media sites
How to create "rich" imagery with it's own long term Self-Marketing Lifespan
How to build others up in your community without expecting immediate gratification -Sincere Marketing-
How to consistently bring forth your best self in everyday interactions to empower your -Magnetic Yoga Offering ♥