The place where current, past, and future residents of Yokota Air Base and surrounding Tokyo mingle, make friends, share stories and just have fun. We do not represent nor are we affiliated with any government or business of any kind.


RULE #1: There are no rules

RULE #2: You are responsible for your own actions and words. If you have any issue with any actions or words from other members on this site, do not contact the admin...just refer to RULE #1

RULE #3: There is no RULE #3 as there are no rules.

RULE #4: If you wish to join a group that has a bunch of rules, censorship and restrictions, they are easy to find, you just won't find that at YokotaTalk.

Note 1: This is an un-moderated open group. It is possible that you may read something that may appear offensive to you. As it is an open group, you are free to join or leave at your convenience. You also have the ability to ignore members through the FB ignore feature if you so choose.

Have fun and enjoy YokotaTalk!

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