Yorkshire Teaparty Association

A group for all of you that enjoy sipping on a hot mug of earl grey with your companions on a saturday evening...

Who enjoys enjoying themself for free? And in the process doing something a little against the grain?
Partying for free is more than just not spending the £s

So this is a group for all of you who want to find out about or tell others about or even be involved in FREEPARTYs!

In the summer when the sun comes out we'll go on some adventures that you wont forget!

DO NOT post the partyline anywhere public, EVER. Having to change partyline's is, at the very least, extremely annoying

Always remember that this is facebook and easily view able and accessible - keep your posts suitable

Please keep postings related to freeparties. Don't advertise your paid event or latest mix here, it will get removed, or get you banned! Paid events put on by freeparty crews/soundsystems may be acceptable, as they do contribute to the summer fun!

Also please dont create events, if you think there should be an event page for something ask an ADMIN to do it for you, this isn't because we're party poopers, we just want to make sure people dont get confused and that information that shouldn't got on the internet stays off the internet

This is the mixlist where you can put all your mixes etc so that the posts in group can stay topical :)