Yorkville, GA Yard Sale

PAGE RULES AND POLICIES: Note: These rules have been put in place by the administration of this group to ensure a pleasant and drama free buying/selling experience for the users. All of the rules exist for a specific reason to protect everyone involved in using this page. If you have any questions about page policies, please message an admin directly. Thanks!  

  • Please fully read this document prior to posting in this group. Failure to comply with page rules, can result in removal from the group with no warning from the admins. When both spouses are members and one gets banned both will be banned.
  • The administrators of this page are not liable for any items sold on this page.
  • This is a Yorkville, GA Yard Sale site. You MUST be willing to meet in Yorkville when selling or buying items, unless mutually agreed upon by buyer and seller to meet elsewhere. 
  • You must be 18 or older to be a member .
  • Your Facebook account settings must be set so that you can receive private messages from everyone.
  • You may not block any admin of this group or you will be removed and banned. 
  • If you see that you have the same or similar item another member has posted do NOT Piggy Back the sale post saying you have item for sale , make your on post for you sale items .
  • You may choose to post your items as individual/single posts or in albums, but NOT BOTH. If you post both, they will all be deleted. No swapping back and forth from singles to albums .
  • NO stock photos allowed. You must post a picture of the actual item you are selling. 
  • Do not repost an item that you have already previously posted.
  • Please bump the existing picture of your item. If you cannot find it, contact an admin for assistance. Do not delete your item just to repost. This is not allowed.
  • All pictures posted must have a price listed in the description. If there are multiple images of an item, please list that it is an additional item in the description (ex: image 1 of 2, image 2 of 2).
  • If you and your spouse are both members and one gets Banned for what ever reason both accounts will be banned . If you are caught selling items for a banned member you will also be banned.
  • “Bumping” refers to ANY comment on your image. By commenting on your image, Facebook automatically “bumps” it to the top of the page feed. To give everyone an equal opportunity to have their images seen, we have a limit on how many times you can bump each day.
  • ALL comments count as bumping except: Comments directly answering a question to a buyer, Commenting PPU (pending pick up) on your item.
  • You may not delete and repost your items in order to get them to the top of the page. If you are caught doing this, you will be removed/banned from the group.
  • DO NOT delete your most recent 5 bumps. This is how we keep track of bumping. If you delete your recent bumps you will be removed after one warning.
  • Real estate listings
  • Guns/Firearms/Ammunition
  • Infant formula and food items.
  • Girl scout cookies.
  • Drop down cribs (have been recalled)
  • Any recalled items : http://www.recalls.gov
  • Any fake or counterfeit items, including fake designer purses, headphones, and cell phones (this is illegal, thus not allowed at all). ALL Coach purses and Beats By Dre headphones, must have a valid serial number posted.
  • Links to Ebay/Craigslist posts, or any other site hosting your items for sale, etc.
  • Mass group invites.
How to spot a fake coach: http://www.designerhandbagsdiary.com/coach-handbags/how-to-spot-a-fake-coach-bag/BUYING AND SELLING:
  • ALL items posted must have a price listed and a picture of the actual item. We do not allow stock photos to avoid any misrepresentation of the condition of an item. We do this to protect YOU.
  • We cannot control whom a seller chooses to sell to. However, we do ask that all sellers try to be fair in their decisions. It is up to a seller to decide how long they will wait on a buyer to respond (we recommend at least a few hours, since everyone has different work schedules).
  • Do not skip over buyers. If all options have be covered in trying to contact and make sale arrangement with a buyer have been exhausted, then you can move on to the next buyer.
  • Once a buyer has been established, please post “PPU” and a pick up date on your item immediately. (ex. PPU month/date)
  • Do not delete the item until it has been picked up (in case there are any issues). Once it has been picked up, delete the item or comment “SOLD” on the item and tag an admin to delete it for you.
  • If you are interested in an item, please TAG the seller with a comment stating "I want this" on the items photo, and then PM them immediately to set up a transaction. Just commenting “interested” on a post does not guarantee that you will get it.
  • If you can not make it to a meeting, you are required to call/text/PM the other person as soon as possible to notify them. We DO NOT TOLERATE NO CALL/NO SHOW'S on this page. You will be banned, pending review by the admins. 
  • Once a seller and buyer have agreed to a sale/meeting, the seller cannot sell to someone else offering more than the asking price to buy it out from under the original buyer. Both the seller and 2nd buyer will be banned if caught doing this. We do not permit “bidding”.
  • If you are selling a large item that must be picked up, you must post “pick up only” in the items description.
 REASONS YOUR ITEM MIGHT HAVE BEEN DELETED:For most of these we will notify you to correct the issue prior to deleting the item, but not always if you have continuously repeated the action. 
  1. PPU for 2 days with no pick up date.
  2. Same picture/item posted multiple times.
  3. Singles posts that have been abandoned/unattended for 10 days with no updates.
  4. Albums that have been abandoned/unattended for 30 days with no updates.
  5. Cars seats posted with no expiration date.
  6. Coach purses or Beats By Dre posted with no serial number.
  7. Event tickets posted for more than face value.
  8. No picture with item listed.
  9. No price with item listed.
  10. Excessive bumping.
  11. Posting grouped singles.
  12. Group Post .
  If you need assistance with posting, buying/selling issues, to report a no-show, etc. , contact one of the admins/moderators asap via message or by tagging us on the post in question. We are not here 24/7, but we will respond any messages as soon as possible. The PCOGS admins are : Angela Buffington All rules are in place to make this a safe and fun experience for all involved. We enforce the rules to keep the page clean and functional for all of our users. If you have any questions or need assistance, we are here to help any way that we can. Please keep in mind, we are all volunteers, so we get nothing out of running this page, so please do not yell or be hostile with us. All admins reserve the right to remove and ban any group member for inappropriate behavior or for just plain being nasty to us for no reason. Thanks and Happy Selling/Buying!!!