Work From Home Group

Welcome, Please take the time to read this before joining this group. I'm a little long winded but I feel it's worth taking the time to read it now so there are no miss-understandings later on.
This is a place for you to promote your business and your products. Post as much as you like within reason including your links and websites. Invite all your friends on Facebook and any of the other social networks you can think of.

You have herd the term "The money is in the list". Get your list out and start inviting. The way I look at it is the more members we get , the more people we can expose our business, our products and our opportunity to.

If your not in Network Marketing you still very welcome here. Maybe you have a home business where you make something like baby bows, jewelry, pottery or some other type of product or service. You may be a website designer, writer, good at SEO or some other trade or profession that a lot of Network Marketers may need. The people in this part of the group is what America is all about.

I look at it this way: Just think if all us marketers would buy products and services from each other. We are making Wal-Mart, Sears, Dollar Stores and all those other places rich. We need to buy from each other and help each other get rich or at least give it a try. I look at Network Marketing, Direct Sales or MLM as my own independent company. We all know that most of our products are of the highest quality and put side by side to the store bought stuff that we would blow them away! I'm sick and tired of buying stuff that falls a part in no time and usually comes from the big C. I don't mind paying a little more for the high quality products that most of the Direct Sales Companies have. I'm in Direct Sales and probably 75% of the people that join this group will be to.

I SAY!!!!!!!!!
Lets put America back to work and do it with our home businesses that we have. Lets buy from each other. Lets learn from each other. Lets JUST DO IT!!!

1. Buy cheap items in bulk and then try to sell them here. Cheap in as it falls apart in no time.
2. Made in America ONLY products for the most part.
3. Do Not send people to pages that you have to click a bunch of times to shut down.
4. One pop-up is OK but more then one is not acceptable.
5. Do Not send event invites to the members of this group.
We are all human and make mistakes so Banning isn't what I really want to do.

I hope you understand why I have this DO NOT LIST. If I have to add more later I will. I just want to have a little organization with this group. I don't want to see a bunch of invites to company sponsored webinars.