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English is the official working language of the Young Translators Community. Any post in any language without its English translation will be deleted without any notice.

Members are encouraged to post translation-related topics or public job opportunities and those which are considered useful will be approved by administrators.

No advertisement allowed.

For more information, please contact:

Mobilizing Committee for Young Translators Foundation
231 Apartment (2nd floor), Bàu Cát Block 1
Bàu Cát 6 street, Tân Bình District, Hồ Chí Minh City, Vietnam
Projects: +84 902 848 163
Donation: +84 949 716 313

E: [email protected]



1. YTC

- YTC (Young Translators Community) is a not-for-profit network of young translators and interpreters, directly under facilitation of YTI (Young Translators International)’s Executive Committee which acts as or is supported by YTF (Young Translators Foundation)’s Grants and Investments Council.

- YTC is not an association at any level.

- YTI is an extending of or supported under grants by YTF.

- YTC is currently temporarily facilitated by YTCxHCMC, which will be replaced by YTI’s ExCo when possible.

2. YTCx and YTCxHCMC

a. Definition:

- YTCx is a local section of Young Translators Community.

- Every YTCx represents a local community of translators and interpreters (in order from lower to higher level of section: university, city, country, region, continent).

- YTCxHCMC represents for community of translators in Hồ Chí Minh City and its members meet up every two weeks. Check YTCxHCMC’s website (in Vietnamese) for more details:

- All YTCxs connect together through a common gateway: Young Translators International.

b. Steps to formation

- Step 1: Form group of translators and interpreters

- Step 2: Contact higher sections to register as a section under Young Translators Community (as a platform) in university/city/country/region/continent.

- Step 3: The main source language of each section reflects the official mother tongue language spoken in each section according to geographic location and local culture.

- Step 4: Let's meet up at least one or twice a month to share experience on your career to your colleagues and students, contributing to better development of common translation community.



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