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This group is getting harder to manage day by day. From now on, there are no more warnings. The feed will no longer be cluttered by people who disrespect the rules and other members of this group! You break a rule - you are permanently banned. So, read this section carefully!

Q: When can you promote your videos by sharing them in the group?
A: Video promotion has been set to Wednesday and Saturday (CST).

Q: How many shares do you get each Wednesday and Saturday?
A: Only one video per designated day.

Q: What are the rest of the days of the week for?
A: Everything BUT self-promotion. Discussion is encouraged. Have a question - ask it. Found an interesting link you think others can benefit from - share it. Having a bad day - feel free to let out some steam and the girls here will try to make you feel better.

Q: What is the purpose of this group?
A: The purpose of this group is to build relationships with fellow beauty content creators! Take the advantage of making new friendships or setting up collaborations. The purpose of this group is not to gain more subscribers that won't turn into active viewers. You reap what you sow, so make sure to create and maintain real and positive relationships with the other girls!

Q: What will get you permanently banned from the group?
A: Let's make a list of the DON'Ts:
- DON'T post your links on any days other than Wednesday and Saturday.
- DON'T share your video unless you've been active in the group during that week (either by contributing to discussions or by supporting your fellow sharers).
- DON'T bring in any drama - sharing your opinion is fine, but there is a polite way to say everything.
- DON'T try to sell things here.
- DON'T ask people to "sub back". It's annoying.

Q: What should I do in this group?
A: Let's make a list of the DO's:
- DO watch other girls' videos.
- DO comment on their link that you've watched / commented / liked / subscribed - this will let the admins know that you are an active member and will put you in the running for a featured pinned post!
- DO interact with the other members.
- DO report an inappropriate post.

Q: What is the featured pinned post?
A: On Sundays, an admin will go through the posts from Wednesday and Saturday and see who has been the most active member of the group that week. If there has been more than one, will pick a winner whose video will be featured for a week.

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Staci Morgan & Jennifer Merrill from
Makeup Miracles Online


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