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Anyone who loves youtube is welcome to join... but you must be an active participant by supporting the girls in our group or you risk being removed - We have 9 Rules which are outlined in our Rules. Once you are approved, click the "Files" section at the top of the group page and read the RULES!

This group is a branch of the UNIQUE community and UNIQUE youtube channel.

UNIQUE is a community of beauty and fashion youtubers who are given the opportunity to enhance their channels and subscriber bases through networking with each other on the UNIQUE youtube channel.

PLEASE NOTE: We will only approve your posts if you are active in the group by supporting the other girls. Our Rule of Thumb... If you have time to post your video then you have time to watch the other members videos. Don't submit a post if you don't want to watch!!!

This group is about networking and participating. If you don't respect your fellow members by watching, commenting and liking, you will be removed without warning!