YS Virtual Yard Sale

Description: The Yellow Springs Virtual Yard Sale page is a relatively public space where Yellow Springs community members can post items for sale, free, or buy items locally. A good way to recycle, get great deals, and make a little money getting rid of unwanted items.

Membership: Before you request membership in the YS Virtual Yard Sale group, please be aware that all items must change hands in Yellow Springs. All new members must be approved by an Administrator. Membership is restricted to people who live, work, or go to school in Yellow Springs, the exception being if you grew up here. Clarification of a valid YS connection will be requested via private facebook message. So people with facebook messaging disabled will NOT be approved. People who do not meet these criteria but still desire a facebook connection to Yellow Springs, can utilize any of the following groups/pages, which are aimed more at people who spend time in Yellow Springs, but do not live here. https://www.facebook.com/YellowSpringsOH?ref=br_tf

Protocols for members:
**This page is for selling/giving away personal items NOT for advertising your business nor rehoming/selling animals nor conning people into buying your kids' fundraiser items. These posts woll be removed.
**Please include prices with your items. No "make me an offer" and no auctions. OBO is fine.
**Please do not offer more than the price listed. This is not an auction site.
**When required, please share your contact information and address in a private message, rather than a post. Public posts or comments with phone numbers and/or street addresses will be removed.
**Please do not "bump" your item back to the top more than once every 24 hours.
**Please do not commit to purchase or take an item unless you intend to follow through. Three complaints and you are out of the group.
**To keep the page clutter-free, please delete the post once a transaction is complete.
**Announcements of "live" yard sales are fine, as long as they are limited to a single post with one optional photo. No pre-sales and no sales from the site. Either it's a live yard sale or it's not.

Pam Nicodemus
Leslie Cottrill Lippert
Laura McDonald
Wendy Ricks
Sarah Struewing