Help celebrate Zaydens one year birthday

Help celebrate one year of Zaydens life by giving back to the hospital that made that possible!

Autumn Zayden and Myself have decided that the best way to celebrate zayden birthday is to set up a donation page to the hospital that made his life possible!

so basically instead of presents we would love if our family and friends would donate a few dollars to B.C Womens and Children's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

tomorrow i will be setting up a bank account called the Tiny but Tough foundation I will be posting all bank info on the page for those of you that would like to donate threw the internet

Zayden spent months in BC womens hospital in the NICU and without them my little monkey wouldn't be here today.....ill forever be grateful and would love to do something to show my gratitude

once weekly ill post updates on the amount and hope to be presenting them with the check at the end feb when i take zayden down for his check up!

thank-you Zayden Autumn & Christina