Triple Zero Tolerance

Welcome one and all to Triple Zero Tolerance. A page set up to m...aintain the overwhelming show of support we have had in response to raising awareness to the ever increasing epidemic of violence towards emergency service personnel. It's unacceptable and will not be tolerated to any extent anymore...

It is a group dedicated to supporting each other regardless of which flavour of Emergency Service you happen to come from. Paramedics, Police, Fire Fighters, Rescue organisations, Correctional Officers, A&E staff in hospitals, we're all here as individuals doing remarkably unique work in a very dangerous world. Let's continue to look out for one another and get each other home safely each day.

It's a platform to share stories and give you a voice when sometimes it's hard to be heard.

They said "If you build it, they will come". Well, it's built. The next step is up to you all.

One last thing everybody, please be aware that if you are an employee of an emergency service here in Australia, you are also subject to your employers code of conduct & ethics, together with still having to be mindful of your individual services social media policy.

Play nicely though people. It's not that hard...