08055 Yard Sale

Welcome to 08055 Yard Sale, a locally focused buy, sell and trade group for Medford and Medford Lakes, New Jersey and the surrounding towns (Evesham, Mount Laurel, Lumberton, Hainesport, Mount Holly, Southampton, Tabernacle, Shamong and Waterford).

If you are joining our group - once you are approved, please read the group rules before posting at http://bit.ly/08055grouprules (on Mobile, click the group banner and scroll down to the last line before "Edit Notification Settings" where it says "3 Files", click "3 Files" and you'll see "Page Rules & Helpful Hints").

Some quick reminders:

All items must be available within Medford, Medford Lakes or one of the bordering towns listed above. Posts without a location or outside the areas listed above will be removed without message or comment.

Posts can only be bumped once per week. Cutting the price doesn’t count towards this limit. Early bumps will be removed without message or comment.

Albums are not allowed and will be removed/modified at the discretion of the Group Administrators.

Each member can submit 5 posts per day. If you have more than 5 items, we recommend a collage or big picture of your lot and you can list the items within the picture on one post.

Don’t auction as a seller or attempt to snipe as a buyer. This isn't eBay.

Business advertisements, retail store postings, multi-level marketing, real estate listings and pet sales/rehoming posts will be removed.

Any posts that require moderation or removal may be deleted without message or comment.

Again, please read our group rules before posting - and if you have any issues, you can report posts to the group admins or message us with any questions.

Important Note: we actively screen incoming members to attempt to prevent spam. If you are unable to join or a friend is unable to see the group, please message one of the group administrators as we have limited tools (i.e. if you are a local and new to FB, it's tough to tell the difference between your new profile and a profile create to spam groups with offers for cheap products or multi-level marketing).