Craigieburn and all northen areas buy swap and sell

Basic rules and guidelines for this page are listed below :

*All members please note any offensive or rude comments will not be tolerated and those caught doing so will be immediately removed !!

*Please ensure all posts have a full description of goods, any faults or damage to the item as well as price, pick up suburb and if advertised elsewhere. Anyone who is seen not to be abiding by the guidelines will be removed.


* Please allow a period of 48hrs to relist/bump an item in order to give mrmbers a chance to view all listed items

*If you have more then 3 items for sale you MUST an album containing all your items

*First person to show interest in an item is first in line whether they commented sold or simply asked a question.

*Sellers please ensure once an item has been sold to make sure you post "sold pending pick up" on the item and once the item has been picked up/sold please delete your post and remove pictures please.

*Posts promoting any form of health, nutrition or weight loss MUST state in the post which company they are promoting Eg. Herbalife, Isagenix etc. If people are genuinely interested you then may inbox them with further information.

*PROHIBITED ITEMS: Including, but not restricted to: alcohol, cigarettes, drugs (legal or illegal), smoking/drug paraphernalia, pirated dvd's/cd's, R4 cards, weapons, stolen items, counterfeit goods, etc. are not to be sold on the page. They will be removed if they are listed, along with anything offensive, discriminatory or defamatory.

*Business owners are allowed to post a link to their page ONCE a week.

*craigieburn and all northern area Buy Swap And Sell will not be held legally responsible for any actions*