Ketchikan SaleCycle

1. This is Salecycle for Ketchikan. Things here are for sale, similar to a garage sale. Feel free to post things that you have. please do not use salecycle to advertise for businesses or services. Keep in mind that people are looking for deals here and are not going to be up to paying retail prices, so don't expect to sell things here for a profit or even break even in most cases.

2. Please delete your post when the item is taken, or at least comment that it is (and we will delete it for you). Commenting "GONE" to your own post lets us know to delete it. Please read 'Posting Guidelines' in the File section prior to posting for updated rules.

3. Please do not post the same ad multiple times, just post a "bump" comment on your old post and it will come to the top. If we find a duplicate we will remove it. You are only permitted to post one photo per item you are selling.

4. If you wish to have a comment removed from your post for any reason, let us know we can do that.

5. Please do not use profanity or other overly negative remarks in comments. This is basically a family group, and intended to help people, not to belittle or otherwise defame people. This includes posting on other peoples posts about a negative transaction you may have had with a person. Please do not contact people either from this group regarding a sale unless you are asked to do so. There is a place to report negative transactions and a process to have a person removed from the group.

6. We wish this group to remain usable and to achieve this we will need to clean it up. Therefore, even unclaimed items will be removed once the post has become stale. Bumping a post up will keep it active. (Posting a comment that says "Bump". Each comment moves the post to the top of the page) After several bumps with no interest given, the post will likely be removed.

7. Please note that this is not ebay and there are no "rules" that says first come gets the item. The sale of an item is solely up to the discretion of the poster/owner
8. "Admin shopping" (asking every admin the same question in hopes that you will get the answer you want) wont get you anywhere. We discuss everything in chat before changes are made.

Remember that this is the internet, and a public group. Do not post your phone number or address unless you don't mind it being public. Use facebook's private messaging system to contact potential purchasers or sales people.

Admins, also fee free to remove non-essential posts as they come up to keep the board clear and flowing nicely.

Wanted ads and requests for services/advertising of businesses and services is not permitted on this board.