Wayne County PA - Sell or Swap

Please do not ask to join if you are under age 18 OR cannot meet in the Wayne County Area.

* Selling/ Buying is simple. When making transactions please keep in mind your safety. Meet in public. DO NOT give out any
information to anyone of where you live or phone numbers publicly!

* PLEASE use an album for your items, each member is only to have one album, and it should be titled with you first and last name followed by (1)
Any albums with no names and (1) will be removed. No exceptions.

* Bumping pictures should only be limited to a 3 items a day. Please be considerate of other members when bumping, they are also trying to" show" their items.

* Mobile uploads are limited to 3 a day. If you have more you want to sell..create an album.

* Tagging someone does NOT put you in line for an item. If the person you tag states "interested" then it becomes valid. Otherwise, in no way, shape or form does tagging another member "hold" your spot. No exceptions!

* If you no show for more than 2 meets, you will be banned.

* Baby food, formula or baby cereals will NOT be allowed on the site UNLESS you have a receipt to go along with the sale to verify it was in fact purchased. Same goes for any food items purchased through WIC/ Food stamps.

* No firearms. * No Alcohol.

* PLEASE post a price on your item. Do not use make an offer or best offer as it leads to bidding. Bidding will not be tolerated.

* No business advertising.

* Negative comments or posts will be deleted.

* Comment "INTERESTED" on the item you want, then pm arrangements with the other party. Messaging directly leaves the item up for someone else to purchase, since nobody can see that someone else had an interest. Commenting on an item stating you're interested lets the seller know. If there are multiple interested buyers, the item goes to first come. Do not comment that you can pick an item up after someone else shows interest. Asking questions does not HOLD your spot in line on an item.

* You must give the person 24 hours to contact you after they have posted interested to set up their meet with you before you can go on to the next person.

* You must give someone 24 hours to contact you back after a no show before they are removed from the site (sometimes emergencies happen)

* DELETE your sold items pictures.

* Posting of other "groups" is not allowed.

* Reselling: If you purchase something from someone and decide it will not work for one reason or another, feel free to re-sell. However, please DO NOT sell for more than what you purchased for. Also, if its clothing do not separate and sell individually.

* Please do not sell something if you know it does not work. Its rude.

* When purchasing items, remember..you buy an item "as is". You are not guaranteed your money back. Use caution buying electronics prior to seeing it work. ADMINS ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR SALES!!

- Admins :)