Bowen Island buy/sell/trade/loan

A Facebook group for advertising and seeking PRE-OWNED items on Bowen Island B.C. Canada. This is also an appropriate place to arrange to borrow items such as tools and equipment. Garage sale announcements welcome.

Please do not use this space to sell your crafts, new merchandise, professional services, or advertise community events. This is not a forum for discussion threads. If you find yourself starting your post with, "This probably isn't the right place for this but..." then stop right there.

If you see a posting that you believe violates these terms please report the post or message one of the admins to let us know. (You can contact the admins through the "about/members" tab on the group's Facebook page.)

All applications to join the group have to be verified by one of the admins. If your FB settings limit your private messages your application may be denied.

Please delete your posting once your item has changed hands. Also, to reduce noise, please use Facebook's "private message" function to arrange for an item's pickup or delivery, instead of the public comments thread.

We recommend buyers only offer -- and sellers only accept -- CASH.

Thanks, all.