North Highway 14/101 Community Watch Group

This group is for those in the Greer/Blue Ridge Community that reside on the following roads or within the boundaries of N. Hwy 14, New Bruce Road, N. Hwy 101, and Taylor Road.
This group was created to provide a way for those of us that live in the designated area to communicate and share information on the activities and crimes in the area. There have been many thefts, break ins, prowlers, etc, that is not made public and many of us are unaware that this is happening in our neighborhood. Our hope is that we can share information about these types of incidents, where they have happened, and possibly descriptions of perpetrators or vehicles involved so that we can all be aware and be on the lookout for the persons responsible, as well as each other. With that said, we do NOT want to hear about your personal issues with your marriage, ex-spouse, family, or friends, in-laws, out-laws, etc! We also do not want posts about items that you might be selling, or trying to find, there are other local groups for that as well as Craigslist.
We DO welcome you to share infomation on Lost pets, Found Pets, as well as Missing Persons!!!!
To join this group, you must be approved by one of our administrators and you must provide the administrator with your physical address so that it can be confirmed that you do reside within the boundaries that have been set for this group.