New York Mills & Perham Area "General/Personal" Swap & Shop

This group is a FREE FOR ALL!! We will not be micromanaging people's posts. We are all adults and should be able to act as such. List things that are in good condition and use your best judgement when posting.

We have 2 groups for the New York Mills and Perham Area, please post accordingly. We have a "General/Personal" and a "Small Business/Home Parties" group. No selling of cribs allowed on this site!

Sell, Trade or Buy new and used items. We would like to keep this as local as possible, and we'd like our postings to be from the New York Mills and Perham area, so if you are not with in a 10 mile radius of either city, please note your location on your post.

Selling and trading is at your own risk, admins take no responsibility for sales.

It is very strongly advised NOT to post your phone#’s and rather do that Exchange of information thru the FB inbox/messaging or your email system.

If you are Selling items: Please try to do so in the following manner:
CREATE an ALBUM (Items for Sale) & as they are sold then PLEASE delete the photo(s) of the item(s). And your original posting - or at least type sold, completed, or done , so it can be deleted. This helps to keep the group wall and thread a little less cluttered.
For Sale: xxx item of furniture for xxx $$’s (OBO or firm)
For Sale: xxx vehicle / boat /bike/ trailer or what ever for xxxx $$’s (OBO or firm)
For Sale: xxx (household appliance or what ever) for xxx $$’s (OBO or firm)

For Sale:
For Trade/Barter:
To Give Away:
Looking for:

Reminder to double check your Group settings (again upper right hand corner)
Also Does EVERYONE understand the Bump - system?
This is a way to bump your post to the top of the Thread IF you have not sold it!
either type the word - bump with a period = bump. and or Comment on YOUR own Post with more information.

If you are LISTING ITEMS on MULTIPLE SITES, you need to make sure you state that when listing on THIS SITE.

SELLERS: Please show respect to other users, and if you are listing multiple items and one person said they will take one item, DO NOT by pass that user and sell all your items listed to another person as a "group". when you already had others speak up first for one of the items. And BUYERS: please do not try to purchase multiple items from a seller when you can CLEARLY see that individual items have alreay been spoken for!

SELLERS Please Post to individual items! DO NOT post Description/Prices to album!

SELLERS Please use common courtesy & respond to first person to comment!

BUYERS Please ONLY comment to individual posts! DO NOT comment to album!

Keep thiese rules in mind when listing and buying and the site will run smoothly.

If I recieve compalints, I will enforce a 2 strikes you're out policy. This will take precident over any other rule written above. First strike is your warning, second strike you will be removed. I will also remove users from out of state if I see them.

Your Admins