The Trenton we remembered. our years in the 40's-70's

WE ONLY ACCEPT PEOPLE WHO HAVE RECOLLECTIONS OF TRENTON UP UNTIL THE 70'S. UNFORTUNATELY, ANYONE UNDER 40 YEARS OLD WiLL BE REFUSED MEMBERSHIP. Also, if your profile page is too restrictive to the point we can't figure out your desire to join us, you also will be refused.

Trenton NJ was a great place growing up in the days before Trenton changed for the worse. it was a slower, friendlier place that the current residents just can't comprehend. This is a group for people 40 years and older to reminisce about. Let's face it! It will never be what it was, but we can all remember all the good times (and some bad). If you are not in the above age group you probably wouldn't appreciate the memories. However if you are, you will understand. . if you have a hunger to learn about the old Trenton and are over our MINIMUM AGE REQUIREMENTS, please let it be known on your profile page so we can take that in consideration. We check everyone's profile out before we refuse or accept a new member to our group.