Les suporteur N°1 du grand "SAMUEL ETO'O"

[1611 kjv Luke] 7:30 "But the pharisees & Mosaic lawyers themselves were not Baptized by him, rejected against the will of GΘD." --Jesus got Baptized, completely under water, obeyed His FATHER GΘD's command. The pastor$, priest$ refused to obey the Bible command & were doomed to hell fire. This next section is going to be about how to get "saved" & stay saved according to the written Bible, not $hady paid pastor$ lies, deception. You only receive GΘD's Spirit after you are water Baptized just like Jesus's example! You are called to teach & Baptize those who Believe in water! [1611 kjv Matthew] 28:18-20 "& Jesus came near to talk to them saying, All power has been given to Me in Heaven, & on earth. So now travel, teaching every race, to Baptize them in the name of the FATHER, & HIS Son, & the Holy Spirit. Teaching them to keep doing everything, whatever I commanded you: & know I Am with you always, even until the end of the world, so be it!" https://www.facebook.com/groups/601965083173253/

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