Daviess County Online Yard Sale

Buy, sell, or trade your items here.

Be respectful to other people.

Do not stand people up.

Do not snipe other people's sale threads.

Do not snipe other people's purchases.

No free items provided by planned parenthood.

Absolutely no items provided to you through the government will be sold here. (ex. Obama Phones, WIC items, food stamps)

No spam postings (ex. sunglasses, boots etc. from an outside company). If you are posting spam it will be removed and you will as well.

This is not a group to post for your business (ex. avon, marykay, scentsy, etc.)


Set your price when you post an item. The first person interested in paying your set price takes priority, other people need to get in line behind them. People found "Auction Housing" their items will be removed from the group permanently. There have been a large number of complaints about this recently. This is not E-bay, Ebid, iOffer, or any other online auction house. If you want to auction your items, take your items to one of those sites and pay their auctioning fee.