Diss and District Memories

An informal group, set up to share memories and experiences of living in Diss and surrounding district at some time in their lives. No name dropping, personal histories, crusades or rants....just plain old local chat, pictures and interesting stuff. I will clear random comments and spam posts regularly and bounce out anyone who is deemed to be a nuisance.

NOTE - This is an OPEN site, so if anyone feels aggrieved or is unduly upset by anything they see or read in this group, then let me know privately and I will deal with it.

REMEMBER - We all know a lot of local people and we all know a lot of things which sometimes, are best left unsaid. Remember that and respect other people.

FINALLY - I personally don't have a problem with 'limited' advertising for a local event or fundraiser, if deemed to be of interest to members. However I reserve the right to remove advertising at my discretion.