Anne Arundel County Online Yard, "Selling/ Trading and Buying"

~ Please feel free to Add photo's to this sight and to please be careful in giving your personal information and address. I recommend meeting people in a public places with another person and to have them P/M you so you do not loose the Item. You can also look up pictures or photo's by looking through the Photo's at the top. ~ This is a friendly sight.. Not so friendly people will be removed permanently!! Sale fair... =)

"Important" - You MUST post a "picture" with a description and price when selling ANY Item. No pictures on posts will be deleted (immediately!) This is for safety/ Security concerns also by the members. The only posts allowed on this wall (WITHOUT A PICTURE) is for (ISO) "In Search Of", besides Businesses..

This is a new trend that steps up a notch for you to be able to buy and sell like you do at a outside yard-sale but from the comfort of your own home, around the clock for your convenience. Lets keep up with a few small rules and guidelines and have a successful page and great outcomes. READ this in it's entirety before buying and/or selling. Any questions please ask an administrator via PM (private message) or on our wall.

* Find this Document on the wall to post ISO- This doc was created for items buyers are ISO. Please write on the comment lines what you are ISO Sellers if you have an item buyers are looking for tag them in your item Once you have found your item please delete your comment(s) "Administrators will also be adding the people and their posts not listed under This Document that are ISO items, ect. "Please "DELETE YOUR POST" when you have found your item or someone found you. Thank you...

To the person/ s who may have that particular item/ s, for that that person/ s, please P/M and state below with their "FULL Name Highlighted" so they will get your feedback even on their Cellphone which many people use. Thank you and have fun...

Add on 3/9/2012 - Everyone has two Message Boxes. When you click on your message box their will be a drop down message box strictly for Non-Friends. So when you message the person who has a "ISO" listing let them know also that you sent them a P/M and to check their other Message drop down Box.

Just a Kind and Friendly reminder.. Everyone needs to keep in mind several issues when dealing with User Friendly Sites! As you continue to make purchases and sales, remember the basic things! When making deals on here refrain from divulging all of your personal information to any and everyone! While having fun remember.... If the possible buyers can see can the bad guys! I've been seeing multiple postings where people inadvertently give out many details, when, where, who, how much, and who is NOT gonna be around their homes, who's out of town, how long they'll be gone, telephone numbers, addresses of houses, when vacations are being taken and for how long, color of vehicles, when the kids get home and just about everything else on the Anne Arundel County Online Yard Sale.

No, I'm not implying everyone is a criminal, but you can't always tell who may and may not be! If Someone posts a photo of a TV for sale for $1,000 and you agree to meet and buy it.... They know you are coming with $1,000!!!!

Pick Public locations where you feel comfortable! If something doesn't feel right....leave! And by all means, let someone know who you're meeting and where! Let's keep the Site pleasurable and for us all!

Signed, Your Friendly Faces who cares :)

Happy Shopping!!!!

Making your Album INSTRUCTIONS - Please follow...

Click on photos at the top of the AACO main page.

On the top right you will see "upload photos", click on that.

When you are uploading your photos, you will see the date in the top left of the page, delete the date and put in your first name, last name, location.

When the pics are done uploading, you can put info for the pics under each pic.

When you are done, on the bottom right you will see "post photos". Click on that and you are set.

After you are done creating your album, please go down to the public album and delete all photos you uploaded there. This way when you sell a item it is easier for you to delete that one item and it keeps the page more organized and easier for ALL of us.

All Business Owners including Baby Sitting and Licensed Daycare - Please post your business up in Documents. "Create your own document. Thank you..

For the SELLERS:

EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY: ALL taxidermy is prohibited for sale in this group. It was brought to my attention that it is a federal law that you cannot sell most taxidermy in Maryland, therefore there will be NO SALES of them. If you have photos posted please delete them ASAP. Thank you.

1. When pricing your items please remember this is a Yard-sale. Lets keep the prices the same and negotiate as if they are standing in front of you and work for a sale that is comfortable for both of you....please don't over price your items, it will benefit you in the long run and will be a much faster sell.

2. To list an item for sale "ALL ITEMS MUST GO IN AN ALBUM": click on the photos tab at the top of the page make your own album (with Name & Location) to list your items in. You are only allowed ONE ALBUM. Again, all photos MUST now be in an album!! This will make it easier for you or the person looking for a particular item of yours easier too find (This page hopefully will grow rapidly and we will try to clean up the clutter/confusion). Photos can remain in the albums until the items are sold. You are responsible to delete your sold items and to state PPU (Pending Pick Up) for everyone to see that the item is possibly sold. Delete the PPU if a no show happens and let a Administrator know. "WE will not TOLERATE NO SHOWS unless there was a very good reason for them to keep you waiting or loosing another sale with another person who was interested.

3. Sellers, once a buyer states they are interested in your item please allow 4-6 hrs hours depending on the number of people interested, for them to respond before going on to the next person (buyer). If there is a person with money in hand it will be 4 hours with notice to the person having the seller holding the item. (They could be away from their computer).

CELL PHONE USERS: We realize you have limited capabilities from your cell phones. You can post items from your cell, however they will only be allowed to stay on the wall for 48 hours. After 48 hours you have the option of moving them to an album from a desktop computer or a laptop or they will be deleted.

LIMIT number of posts: You can list up to 12 items at a time (in a row). Wait an hour or longer than you can list 8 more. This to give others time to post their items as well.

Information on post: It is VERY IMPORTANT to list the following information on EVERY pic posted. It avoids lots of questions. On ALL PHOTOS posted please include the following information: the description, new or used, price, where you are located (to help determine if it is worth traveling for), the brand. Add the pic then find it on the wall and add the selling information as the 1st comment under it. You may see administrators asking questions under your pics, for information you left out.

Multiple photos: If you choose to post multiple photos please mark the photos 1/3, 2/3, 3/3 etc.

REMOVE YOUR AD WHEN SOLD Please: It is your responsibility to delete your SOLD items or contact us to remove it for you. We try to delete SOLD items but it gets overwhelming/time consuming.

BUMPING: You can move your item up to the top of the wall (page) for buyers to see by typing the word "bump" under your photo in the comments section. However please DO NOT bump more than 4 items in a 4 hour period. You will see administrators bump photos every once in a while to help keep photos refreshed.

DESCRIPTION: The more information you give about an item the better. Please be HONEST if you chose to sell something that is broke or doesn't work, that is fine however you MUST disclose that information. Please note if it is authentic or a knock off/fake (ex. Coach, Vera Bradley purses and/or Longaberger baskets). Anyone posting any items that are not allowed the items will be removed and you will get a warning. After the first warning if re-posted you will be removed (banned). Please understand we cannot take chances and this is why we have these guidelines for everyone to go by.

NO FIREARMS/ Formula/ Store bought Food/ Drugs/ or Alcohol are permitted to be sold.

DUE TO HEALTH DEPT REGULATIONS: We cannot allow baby formula, baby foods or any food other than home grown produce. PLEASE do not post these items they will be removed immediately.

The following items are PROHIBITED from being sold in this group: Firearms, sale of coupons or money off coupons, cribs, alcoholic beverages, ALL ADULT "toys" and like products, pornography, tobacco products, taxidermy, baby formula and all foods other than (fresh produce & eggs).

NO business advertising on the main page (wall). If you have a business you would like to promote create a doc by clinking on doc on the main page. You can advertise fundraisers, upcoming craft shows, bingo events etc. on a doc as well as Licensed Daycare Providers with License Number included ONLY

***Sellers are responsible for their own items. "Anne Arundle County Online Yard Sale" is in no way responsible for the items bought or sold on this page. This is not a paid job so help us out as best you can you are SELLING and making money be a good house keeper and remove all sold items and follow ALL rules to keep things running smoothly.

For the BUYERS:

TO BUY AN the 1st to post a comment under the item you wish to buy. Simply say "I want to buy this" or "I am interested". You cannot show interested for an item for a second party.. you can tag the person so they will see the item. Then send PM messages to the seller to set up arrangements to meet. It is your responsibility to make pick up arrangements. If either party is a "no show" it could result in being banned from the page. Keep open communication..

Get the facts: It is your responsibility to make sure the product you are paying for is what it is listed as being. Please be sure to check BEFORE buying. Remember this is a yardsale there are no refunds given.

Pick up: It is not the sellers responsibility to deliver any bought items to the buyer. Once you agree to buy an item you have 24 hours to pick it up or seller has the right to post it for sale again UNLESS you and the seller have an agreement to pick it up later.

Both SELLERS and BUYERS being any intentional no shows will be subject to being deleted (banned) from the group. Admins may review.

~ This is a family friendly site, so keep it clean and be respectful

~ We will not add any businesses, this group is only for individuals.

~ Everyone is invited to join...invite all your Southern MD friends =)

~ We will remove ANYONE with rude, inappropriate or disrespectful behavior.

Bumping and adding pictures:

BUMPING: You can move your item up to the top of the wall (page) for buyers to see by typing the word "bump" under your photo in the comments section. However please DO NOT bump more than 4 items in a 4 hour period. You will see administrators bump photos every once in a while to help keep photos refreshed. If you are changing your prices or commenting on your own items, this is still considered bumping. If you want to bump your whole album, that is one way of bumping all your items and staying within the rules. Sellers that are doing excessive bumping will be tagged and warned by the admins. There will be a first and second warning, after that, the admins will begin deleting the posts.

All pictures need to be made in a Album in Your Name and Location.

(The administrators of this site have the right to remove any post or doc that does not follow these guidelines.)

***If you know all our guidelines and would like to help others by answering questions posted to the wall, we would appreciate your help.

~ Well get off your TRUNKS and lets have fun loosing that JUNK that is someone else's Treasure.... Enjoy and have a great time meeting new friends too.. =) ~

Each transaction is entirely between the parties involved in the transaction and in no way supported or guaranteed by this group, its creator or its administrators.


"FOR SALE", (ISO) "In Search Of", "FREE TO GOOD HOME", "CURB ALERT" etc.

It's a good idea to put that type of verbiage before your post as it makes

it easier to sort though everything. Try to put as many details up as you can: LOCATION Please.. A must!

measurements, conditions, general info, ASKING PRICE, is your price FIRM or

OBO (or best offer)... the more info you supply the better your odds are.

Please post Pictures.. Pictures will Sell. Words are Cheap to some.



It is not necessary to re-post your item. You should simply