The giving tree (Monroe/Wayne) counties only

This is a free site only ✅✅
NO what's so ever money exchange coming in or OUT!!.
NO negativity acceptable.
NO assumptions.
NO bashing others.
NO cussing.
NO drama.
If these rules are broken you will be blocked/deleted from this group!!.

We can not have, nor can we tolerate such horrible behavior. We all are grown ups here.
When you have a meeting place please make it at a known commercial location where there is a lot of ppl for everyone's safety.
If you have a issue with another person from another site/group take it to that admin in that site/group.
If you have a issue with someone in this group please let one of our admins aware of the situation before you take it into your own hands and it becoming a huge problem.
only good hearted people who truly care about helping others in need, or for people seeking help in any way are only welcome here!!.
May god bless each and every one of you:)
have fun, smile and love each other.
Times are tough on some ppl so Feel free to post what ever you don't want/use anymore because I am sure someone in this group will love it.
Thanks for being in this group and making it what it is today!!..ADMINS