Yeppoon, Emu Park & Rockhampton Buy Sell Swap

Welcome to Yeppoon, Emu Park & Rockhampton Buy Sell Swap.

This group has some very simple rules:

1. Items location & price (including if you are negotiable) of your item must be mentioned in your ad. Ads with no description will be immediately deleted.

2. Five or more Pictures/Posts must be placed in an album.

3. LOCAL AREA advertising only please. This means anyone in the triangle of Yeppoon, Emu Park/Zilzie and Rockhampton.

4.Bumping only permitted once in a 12 hour period. Please bump entire album not each photo.

5. Please delete your ads once your items have sold.

6. No Spamming, anyone found to be posting SPAM will be removed and banned permanently.

7. No whinging, bitching or arguments, if members are found doing the above you will be removed and banned permanently.

8. No firearms or weapons of any description are permitted on this page.

9. When advertising giveaway or selling of any pets, they must be microchipped.

10. To be inline you must leave a comment personally. 'Likes' and Other peoples 'Tags' don't count as being inline.

11. Advertising of Facebook pages and local small businesses is permitted. A maximum of one ad is to be listed at any one time.

12. The next person inline must respond within 24 hours to a public comment by the seller. It is simple decency to express asap if you no longer have any interest in an item. A simple 'pass' will suffice.

13. Admin retain the right to modify and update the rules as we see fit.

14. If you block an admin person on this page, you will be removed from the group.

Have Fun & play nice!