Lorraine Neighbourhood Watch (PE)

To actively promote public awareness and inter-action towards improving our daily lives, safeguarding and protection of the Lorraine/ Kamma Park area, as well as promoting participation and co-operation amongst our community, Walmer SAPS,
The security companies and other law enforcement agencies.
We are a volunteer crime prevention organisation serving Lorraine, Lorraine Manor, Kamma Park, Kamma Heights, Goldwater.

The whole area is divided into 5 zones namely

Zone 1 consists of Kamma Heights & Kamma Park <> From Cromwell to Longwy <> Kraga Kamma Rd to the Bush on the border of Kamma Heights

Zone 3 consists from the Railway line / Macon Rd to the bush behind Montmedey Rd ,, From Longwy to Clemont rd

Zone 4 Consists from Kragga Kamma Rd - Dijon Rd - Meuse Rd - Luneville - Vitry Rds

Zone 5 consists of Djon Rd - Meuse rd - Lunevile Rd - Centenary Rd - Circular Drive to Tarbes Rd

Zone 6 consists from Vitry - Centenary <> Luneville - Circular Drive

Therefore if u live in Verdun Rd , You will be in zone 3 . If you decide that you want to be part of our patrolers , then I would refer you to the Zone Manager

We patrol in the critical times at night & during the day , focusing on problem areas depending on info we receive from various sources

Each patrol is for 2 hours , must consist of 2 people , using your own vecihle at a time volunteered by you on a monthly roster .

You need to use Magnetic door signs , Reflective Patrollers Bib & green Light. Zone leaders keep the zone box which has all this equipment in.

We will give you ON THE PATROL Training , what to look out for , how to handle an issue , We are there to be PRO ACTIVE not RE ACTIVE

THE LORRAINE NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH NEEDS YOU , if you cannot patrol , THERE ARE OTHER THINGS YOU CAN DO , we have to source funds for equipment , signs ect.

WE can issue you with a receipt for any funds donated

FOR ANY IDEAS , INFO ON CRIME , QUESTIONS YOU MAY HAVE please email [email protected]

Thank you, LNW Committee.

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