Hello this is a yard sale site that allows you to sell ur items that u wish to sell and buy as you wish to buy. This site has no rules, WITH ACCEPTION OF NO SELLING OF PETS, i just want all of us to ge along like the adults that we are, no DRAMA, no PROFANITY, and if you stand sumone up or you are a no-show plz just inbox them and tell them why becuz i cant do anything about it, i cant make them meet you. This yard sale page was designed by my mother but she said it was to stressful, so imma try an restore sum peace to our community. With that said it is not about how many members we have but it is about HOW WE TREAT OUR MEMBERS, and i will not allow for anyone to bash or bad mouth or members, you will be banned from site, and if you have any problems you can just inbox me i have my phone on 24/7 you do not need to post on site it will just cause drama!!!! THANK YOU ADMIN!!!!!!!