Continental giant rabbits

This is a friendly group where people can share their love for this beautiful giant breed. The group is for continental giants only , there are lots of other lovely groups out there for cross bred bunnies and other breeds. Please no pictures of new born baby rabbits , your all welcome to post your lovely new babies from 2 weeks .No selling or rehoming is allowed on the site, sadly fb has banned animal sales and rehoming. Members must not block any admin or they will be removed. Feel free to ask for advice , and if you do need a vet , seek out an exotic or small animal specialist vet . I know we all have a difference of opinion but please can we all be civil too each other . No pictures of rabbits and guinea pigs together please , they are different species and need to be with their own kind . No go fund me , or any money collections pls . Enjoy the group .We recommend babies are not sold until 12 weeks of age, most reputable breeders would not sell younger. Thank you.

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