Second Time Around Wallingford

Welcome to the group! This group is for Wallingford, CT residents and immediate surrounding towns only.

Please read the rules to participate.

~Looking to sell an item? Searching for an item? List your household items for sale or item you may be looking for new or used. You may post photos of your item.

~All items listed for sale are required to have an asking price.

~There is no bidding allowed.

~All transactions for pick up between parties are to be conducted by private message. If you make arrangements please show up! Transactions are not the responsibility of group administrators.

~You may update your item by finding your original post and bumping it up. Please do not post it multiple times and only bump once in 24 hours not multiple times a day

~First person to comment "interested" should get first dibs, and then you go to next and etc (this does not include tagged people)

~If a member is ISO (in search of) a particular item and you notify them that you have it, and post it on the wall, you MUST give first dibs to the person who was searching for the item (24 hours) before moving on to another interested person.

~If you have something for sale, please make your own listing. Do not try and sell an item in someone else's listing.

~Please give first offer time to respond before moving on (24 hours)

~No selling or posting of animals/pets/children/husbands or family members

~No advertising of any kind (tag sales, businesses, etc)

~No spamming

~Please remove your listing within 24 hrs of its purchase.

~You may not list any form of wepaons on this site, this includes guns, BB guns, pellet guns etc.

~Posting knock off bags (fake name brand) is illegal and you will be subject to immediate removal.

~No posting ISO free items

~As a reminder please do not add children to this group. This is for adults looking to sell or purchase household items etc.

We don't have many rules here, but be fair and kind with each other. Anyone not adhering to the rules will be subject to removal by admin.


BUMP: Bring up my post
(just a comment to bring your post to the top of the page)

ISO: In search of

NWT: New with tags

OTHER FOLDER: Messages from members that are not your friend may go to this folder, you can find it here:

Even easier then the magnifying glass!

From the computer:Go on to your own page by clicking on your name, click the activity log, on the right side there is a column, click on the word "groups" (you may have to click on "more" first), that will bring up any posts or comments you have made in ANY group. You can then BUMP your items.

From your phone: Go to your main page under your profile picture you will see a series of boxes (About, Friends, Photos etc.) if you go all the way to the right you will see Activity Log, then follow the same steps above to locate your post.