Cardwell Sell, Swap, Buy and Give Away

Welcome to Cardwell Sell, Swap, Buy and Give Away. A few rules to keep in mind once you join this page... If these rules are disregarded you may be removed from the page with no warning. It is expected that new members read the group rules upon joining!
- Local business advertising only.
- If you sell an item, please remove it from the page.
- Bump your ad once a day only.
-If you repost an ad for an item/service, please delete the previous one as it crowds the page with the same ads. No one wants to read the same ads over and over!
- No arguments, bickering, fighting, swearing or rudeness. No selling or advertising alcohol or drugs. This is a family friendly site.
- No spamming.
- You are welcome to advertise up coming LOCAL events, LOCAL businesses, ask for advice, help etc.
- Please specify where your items are located so others can add postage/travel costs on top of your price when deciding to buy/look at your item.

And most of all have fun :)