McKean County Online Garage Sale

Free Garage Sale Online, list what you have for sale, list what you are looking for. This Group is for People from McKean County and surrounding areas. Anything you post is your responsibility and this site is not held accountable for. Have fun and enjoy :)

1. We do not Promote/advertise any business on here. (unless for Charity)
2. NO work from home ads are allowed.
3. NO spam
4. NO harassing people, or telling others they are charging to much for their items.
5. IF you have any problems with another group member. please message me and i will take care of it. (i check my regular and other folder in the messages).
6. Yard sale announcements ARE allowed.
7. Hunting items are permitted. Any street type guns/weapons are not allowed on this site.
8. No political Talks or debates are to take place on the website.
9. If anyone is to see any of these rules broken, please TAG my name in the posts or message me details with names and the reason.
10. NO selling of dogs/pets. You may sell the items that come with the pet however. Livestock is permitted on this site for sale.
11. NO Drug or Tobacco Paraphernalia are allowed to be sold.
12. Please keep language clean and tasteful and keep any Distasteful comments to yourselves. (Any swearing or rude comments will be deleted and addressed as soon as possible and if it continues the person will be removed from the site)
14. After An Item is SOLD please tag our names or Delete the post.
15. There will only be 1 BUMP per person, per day.per post. if anyone bumps more then once will get a warning, and if it happens again i will delete the post.
16. please only post items that are truly for sale. joke items are a waste of space. they will be deleted and if it continues you will be removed from group.
17. unacceptable posts will be deleted without prior notification! repeated posts of these we will notify you and if it continues you will be removed from group