Gladstone Open Discussion!

Welcome to Gladstone Open Discussion, This group was designed to talk about anything you want to discuss, Admin have final say, anyone disagreeing with admins requests will be removed from the group.
1. No Advertising of any form is allowed in this group You will be remove and banned if you do so.
2. There are to be NO photos of cars doing the wrong thing posted in this group it is a breach of the persons privacy, Also NO posting of number plates, doing so will result in you being permanently removed from the group.
3. We all have our opinions and they will not always be seen as the right or wrong opinion, no ones opinion in this group is invalid so if you happen to think someones is keep it to yourself, state your opinion and move on.
4. No personal attacks on other members, If you feel that you have been personally attacked please attach the statement you are referring too and pm the admin profile with your complaint, DO NOT respond to the person who has allegedly attack you ADMIN will deal with the issue if you do happen to respond you may also be removed for retaliation.
5. No swearing, name calling or bulling directed at other members or Admin.
6. No Copying & Pasting threads from this group to then post on another group all posts on this group are to remain in this group, if you are found to be copying and pasting posts/comments then you will be removed.
There will be no more warnings, 1st Offence - Ban.
All in All we are all here to discuss topics, Admin is here to keep the peace, we do the best we can but this can only be achieved by members abiding by the rules we have put in place. Please respect all other members, if you feel the need to block other members do so, but on doing so do not mention that blocked member in any of your comments, If you have been blocked, the same rule apply's do not mention the person whom blocked you, as this is unfair as they cannot see them. Anyone found blocking admin will be removed from the group and Banned.
Admin hold no legal responsibility for what the members of this group write/comment, This is fully the responsibility of those whom choose to post/comment in the group.
Thank you all for taking the time to familiarize yourself with the groups rules and punishments. Enjoy the group Admin.