Hello all and welcome! A couple things to remember when using this. Any questions or issues please PM Shannon Wheelock or Heather Williams we will respond as soon as we can
-when posting a post please add prices and pictures thank you
-Business/Homemade post please no spamming the page. You can do 1 post every 24 hours, you can either remove the post and re-post it or you can comment in the comments area with new pictures to bump your post. Please no bumping thank you
-When searching for your post and you can't find it by searching your name please look in the pictures area to find it, there are over 10,000 people here so your post will get lost sometimes thank you
-We have had complaints of no shows so we have now made it a rule 2 no shows per person and we will remove you from the group.
-When buying cell phones I will suggest that you meet the person at the carrier to make sure the phone is not stolen, as a protection for yourself not to lose out on your money.
-If you are needing a item gone ASAP you can use the term FCFS that will mean that you don't have to hold the item it is a FCFS post.
-Please if your post does not say FCFS then give the person responding time to respond before moving on, not everyone is able to sit at the computer or device and respond right away.
-No craigslist add links here thank you
-Please treat everyone how you would like to be treated, no drama. If you are having an issue please PM one of the admin's we will help right away as best as we can.
-Spam happens ALLOT so please report so it brings it to our attention faster
-No bidding your items here