White County Arkansas, Heber Springs & Cabot Online Yard Sale

Post pictures of items you'd like to sell or give away and people all over White County. Heber Springs, and Cabot can see it for FREE! No cost to post. Nice and easy. Hope everyone enjoys and can sell their stuff!

After you have sold your item please remove it from the list..If you can't remove it mark it SOLD and put my name by it and I will delete it !!... Please make an Album... if you can't, do not post more than 4 pictures. You may bump your post 2 times a day. This is one of a couple of sites that will allow posting of small business...DO NOT ABUSE this privlidge ... Please limit your business postings to 1 and only bump once per day !!!
Please do not post links for other groups! Thank You!!

SELLERS > If you agree to HOLD something for someone your taking a risk !! Some people will change their mind .... So HOLD at your own RISK !! If you do HOLD something and get other offers , keep track of those so in case the buyer backs out ..YOU HAVE another BUYER !!

BUYERS:> If you ask someone to hold something , say your going to buy it , they turn down other offers for the item , BE A PERSON OF YOUR WORD , buy the item !! It is not fair to the seller ... And it will make the seller think badly of you and tell other people , which is not a GOOD thing !!!

TIMES are hard ! If we all had money to blow !!! we would not be buying and selling on these sites !! Please help to make this experience a GOOD one , with HAPPY Sellers and HAPPY Buyers !!

BUY AT YOUR OWN RISK!! Don't wanna hear it if you get something you're not satisfied with, due to the fact that you did not check the stuff out before you paid for it This is a YARD SALE! Don't be dishonest , or misleading or you will be removed from the Group !! No calling people out on the wall .. if you have a problem contact me :)

Please be nice :)
Thanks Admin