Welcome to the Tofino Trading Post ! This is an interactive site for members to post item(s) for trade and or to make request(s) for stuff needed. (No business Advertising
please). Unless you'd like to give something away. If there
are specific requests for services needed you may
recommend your business in the comment section only. Individuals may also place small ads for services such as cleaning, handyman, dog sitting, bottle pick up etc. Feel free to advertise fundraisers. Sales of animals are not permitted on this site as well as firearms and related accessories. For 50/50 Draws, a registered charity number has to be provided (Facebook rules). Simply use the WRITE SOMETHING section to describe item or request and the ADD PHOTO section to post image. Use the COMMENT section to communicate with other traders. Each time you get a response or you answer to your post, it is automatically refreshed to the top of site. Please delete your trade as soon as it is completed by clicking small button on the top right of your post area and select DELETE. This will keep the flow of new items fresh. Enjoy the voluntary exchange of goods. No Spam Zone ! Individuals who place spam will be immediately banned.If a highly personal issue/debate arises during a trade/post, please find an alternative method of communicating with members. The Tofino Trading Post is not responsible for the exchanges of goods and services between members. Enjoy !